UTSC collection development - Policy for gifts and donations

Gifts and Donations

The UTSC Library will be pleased to consider donations of materials that support current curriculum and research conducted at the University of Toronto Scarborough.  Over the years the generosity of donors has substantially contributed to UTSC Library’s collections.


General Guidelines

  1. Gifts and donations of books, serials, microfilms, or other materials will normally be accepted by a designated librarian. It is important to be aware that the library is selective in the materials that it accepts, and reserves the right to accept or refuse any potential gift or donation. The evaluation of gifts and their processing these gifts involves a substantial amount of library resources.
  1. Due to constraints such as space, repair, binding, and property costs, and the mandates of the collection development policy, the library reserves the right to dispose of materials by various means including sale, gift, or exchange with other libraries.
  1. Generally, the library does not accept:
  • text books
  • serials (journals, magazines, newspapers)
  • trade paperbacks
  1. When accepting large collections that require valuations or gift-in-kind receipts, approval from the Head Librarian will be required.  The designated librarian will base their decision on the library’s collection development policy, which includes the following checklist:
  • Item is within the scope of the Library’s collection
  • Item in not an unnecessary duplicate
  • Item is in good physical condition (free of mold, dust, damage, marks)
  • Processing and maintenance costs
  • Restrictions (such as how the materials can be used)
  • Currency
  • Superseded editions of items in the collection

Contact your Liaison Librarian to begin the process.

  1. Additionally, the University of Toronto Scarborough Library may accept or refuse a gift or donation based on:
  • Best interests of the Library
  • Conditions of use of gifts or donations the Library deems appropriate
  • Limit to intellectual or academic freedom in any way
  1. The library does not automatically accept collections from university departments. These items will need to meet the selection criteria as outlined above.
  1. Materials that were acquired through a research grant may be donated to the library, however, they do not qualify for a tax receipt.
  1. The donor will assume the cost of transporting the items to the library should the donation reside outside of the GTA.



Prospective donors should contact the designated librarian in order to discuss the gift or donation. Generally, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. The library prefers to consider and select materials while the donation is still in its original location
  2. A list/bibliography of all items may be requested from the donor
  3. If this cannot be compiled, the library will accept the collection, but will only retain items based on criteria outlined above
  4. Whenever possible, the library will send unwanted materials to appropriate alternate locations. If the donor wishes, refused material will be returned


Valuations and Gift-in-Kind Receipts for Income Tax Purposes

  1. The designated librarian in conjunction with the UTSC Development Office will determine which collections will require a valuation and gift-in-kind receipt.  
  2. In cases where the provenance of a donation or gift is unclear, it may be necessary for the library to request proof of ownership before accepting the donation.
  3. When deemed appropriate by the designated librarian and the UTSC Development Office, the library will arrange for a qualified appraiser to conduct a valuation. A valuation is conducted once the donation becomes property of the library through the Transfer of Ownership statement, issued by UTSC Development Office.
  4. Valuation is conducted for materials that the library retains only, and should include a description of materials donated. The valuation is made based on fair market value. Fair market value is generally accepted as "the price that property would bring in the open market between a willing buyer and a willing seller, acting independently of each other, and each having all the facts pertaining to the materials." Donations to the Library are considered charitable donations, and may be eligible for tax receipts subject to Canada Revenue Agency regulations. Tax receipts will not be issued for gifts that have a fair market value of less than $500.00. For gifts with a value of $1,000 or more, a Deed of Gift form will have to be completed and signed by the donor. Additionally, issuance of tax receipts cannot be guaranteed in the same calendar year unless received prior to October 31st.


Approved on November, 2011


Contact Information

Paulina Rousseau, Coordinator – Collections

Telephone: (416) 287 – 7484

Email: paulina.rousseau@utoronto.ca