Data and statistics at UTSC

Use this page to find data and statistics as well as analytical software at UTSC.

Find data and statistics

Data and statistics resources available to the U of T community include:

The data website for the University of Toronto Map and Data Library is an excellent place to begin your search for data and statistics. This website has an inventory of local, national and international data and statistics sources. Search or browse by subject and geography.

CANSIM is Statistics Canada’s main socioeconomic database. It provides access to the majority of Statistics Canada’s aggregate data in the form of time series. See the guide on how to use CANSIM.

2011 Census presents basic demographic data including information on population, age and language. Links to archived versions of the 2006, 2001 and 1996 censuses are available under 'Previous Censuses' in the menu on the left.

Provides demographic profiles for Toronto’s wards, community council areas and neighbourhoods.

Access statistical software

Analytical software including SPSS, STATA, R and NVIVO are available within the library and in some UTSC computer labs.

Get help

For help locating data and statistics, please ask the staff at the Information and Reference desk.