Foundational Data Literacy Skills Course launch

As we celebrate International Love Data Week, the University of Toronto Scarborough Library is proud to announce the launch of its new Foundational Data Literacy Skills Course. This free, online course is open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as staff, faculty, librarians, community members, and the general public. 

The course is designed to help individuals learn the fundamental skills required to work with data. With a range of modules covering topics such as cleaning data, sorting, and pivot tables, students can choose the areas they need to focus on most. 

Faculty can even assign specific modules into their courses, where introductory data skills are required. The course is open through Quercus and uses both Google Sheets and MS Excel, extending the reach of the library's data literacy instruction into the community where access to Microsoft products may not be available. 

To receive CCR credit, students must complete 10 self-directed modules on Quercus, pass all module quizzes, and submit a one-page reflection connecting what they learned about data to their personal, academic, or professional trajectory. 

Visit to get started!