Group study rooms

The library has 11 group study rooms available for collaborative academic group work.

Booking a group study room

  1. Log onto the Intranet.
  2. Select the 'Calendar' tab near the top of the page.
  3. Select 'Library Study Rooms' from the menu to the right of the page, under Online Reservations, .
  4. Press the 'DATE' button and choose a date for your booking. Press the 'CHANGE DATE' button (you can book up to 2 weeks in advance).
  5. Choose a room (AC251, AC251A, AC252, AC252A, AC253, or AC253A) and time slot (60 min slots), then press the 'Book' link. You can book up to 2 hours in total, per day.
  6. Return to 'Calendar' to review your booking.

Accessibility: Room AC251A has an automatic door opener.

Bookable Rooms (6)

  • Capacity: 4-6
  • Can be booked online up to 2 weeks in advance by UTSC students
  • Students can book a maximum of 2 hours per day
  • Rooms that have not been reserved are available on a first come, first serve basis

Non-Bookable Rooms (4)

  • Capacity: 12-15
  • Available on a first come, first serve basis whenever the library is open
  • Rooms can accommodate up to 3 groups of students

TA Room (1)

  • Capacity: 12-15
  • Bookable by faculty, staff and TAs for office hours or study sessions. Please contact the Information & Reference Desk (416-287-7500 or email
  • When not reserved, this room is available on a first come, first serve basis

Accessing the group study rooms

Group study room bookings operate on an honour system. If the room you have booked is in use at the time of your reservation, please alert the users of your appointment. Staff at the Information & Reference Desk are available to assist when required. Individuals studying in a group room may be asked to relocate so that a group can use the space.

NOTE: Group study room reservations are only held for 15 minutes. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your booking is cancelled.

Students from the St. George or UTM campuses who wish to book a study room may contact the Information & Reference Desk (416-287-7500 or email to apply for an exception under special circumstances.