Library reopening policies

Study space, computers, and Wi-Fi access is available to current University of Toronto students who require it for academic work, within current public health COVID-19 protocols. Please book a seat through the library booking system 

Health and safety:

  1. Self-assessment signs are posted at the entrance.    
  2. Users are asked to wear a mask.    
  3. Users are expected to follow all instructions on physical distancing and other COVID-19 protocols.  
  4. Stay home if you are feeling unwell.  
  5. Do not leave items unattended.  

Booking policies:

  1. One person per seat (book a seat via the library booking system) 
  2. Seats are for students who require space for studying and academic work only.  
  3. Seats are for quiet use only, except for the individual study rooms.  
  4. Individual study rooms are for students who require space for studying and academic work only. Priority is given to students who need to participate in a virtual class, tutorial, or meeting. Please use headphones if possible, to minimize noise.  
  5. No group study allowed.  
  6. Bookings may be made up to 14 days in advance.  
  7. To book special AV equipment, please email
  8. To book the CCTV, please fill out the CCTV reservation form. 


The following information will be collected in case it is required for contact tracing by public health.

  • The name and contact information
  • Check-in date
  • Location of seating (e.g. seat number or location on the premises)

If in the opinion of the Medical Officer of Health, COVID-19 contact tracing or other public health purposes are required, this information shall be disclosed to the Medical Officer of Health or a public health inspector for these purposes. 

If you have questions about the collection of this information, please contact


Code of conduct: 

Student code of conduct