Media equipment

UTSC Library Makerspace Media Equipment

Media equipment is now available to borrow from the UTSC Library Makerspace. Users will have access to equipment to create and collaborate on multimedia projects related to their academic and personal pursuits.

UTSC staff, faculty, and students that have completed the Makerspace orientation will have access to the media equipment. Either e-mail or visit the Makerspace and speak to staff directly to book it. 

Check the Intranet for upcoming Makerspace orientation dates - type "Makerspace" in the search bar.


  1. The loan period is up to 36 hours, with an overdue fee of $0.50 per hour if returned late.

  2. Equipment must be picked up in the Makerspace from staff directly, as well as returned directly to Makerspace staff, during Makerspace opening hours. Please do not return the equipment to the Information Desk in the library, or the library dropboxes.

  3. The user is responsible for all signed-out equipment - a release form must be completed upon pickup.

  4. The user that booked the equipment must be the peson who picks up the equipment.

  5. The Makerspace no-show policy for bookings is in effect for the media equipment; if the user fails to contact the Makerspace to cancel their booking, and does not show up, it counts as one strike towards the no-show policy. After three missed bookings (or three strikes), the user must attend a Makerspace orientation to regain access to its resources and equipment.

If accommodations outside of these policies are needed, please contact the Makerspace by e-mail or in person to discuss.