Collection Policy, University of Toronto Scarborough Library, Archives & Special Collections



The University of Toronto Scarborough Library, Archives & Special Collections’ mandate is to acquire, preserve, arrange, describe and provide access to rare and unique materials that support curricula and research at the University of Toronto Scarborough, materials documenting the history of the University of Toronto Scarborough campus and material documenting the Scarborough community.

To support the Archives & Special Collections’ mandate, the unit acquires material in the following categories:

University Related Records*

University faculty records

Personal and professional records created, received, used and maintained by faculty associated with University of Toronto Scarborough.  This can include, but is not limited to, records relating to teaching and research, and galley proofs from publications.

*Official University Records are acquired, preserved and made accessible by the University of Toronto Archives and Records Management Services at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library.  Visit the Records Management section of their website for more information. 

Private Records

Private donations from individuals, families, and organizations are collected in the following areas:

  • Scarborough history
  • Immigration history
  • Food Studies
  • Sports/Physical Education
  • Global Asian Studies
  • Urban Development
  • Human Geography
  • Environmental Sciences

Donations in other areas will be collected as they relate to the research and curricula of the campus. Contact the Archivist for more information.


Personal records, faculty records and the records of campus organizations will be accepted in accordance with the terms negotiated with the Archivist and documented in a formal donor agreement. Materials donated to UTSC Library, Archives & Special Collection become the property of the University.

Donations will be considered for inclusion based on the following factors:

  • Relationship to existing holdings.
  • Physical condition of the records.
  • Resources required to make the material available to researchers.
  • Terms of restriction, legal rights, and/or other requests from donors.


Purchasing of material will be considered when it proves impossible to acquire the material by other methods of donation. 


De-accession is the removal of records from UTSC Library, Archives & Special Collections.  All de-accessions are recommended by the Archivist and approved by the Chief Librarian, UTSC Library. Information about de-accessioned material will be kept by Archives & Special Collections.  All reasonable attempts to contact the original donor will be made.  Alternatively, another institution may be contacted to house the material. If neither of the above two methods succeed then records will be securely destroyed.  De-accessioning of material may be conducted for the following reasons:

  • Records duplicate what is already in the library’s holdings.
  • Records do not have a direct relation to the UTSC Collection Development Policy or the UTSC Library, Archives & Special Collections Policy.
  • Materials are hazardous to the holdings.
  • Records are damaged either through natural decay or through accidental damage.
  • UTSC Library can no longer care for the records in a way that preserves and ensures their long-term viability.