Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations to our 2017-2018 winners!

1st Prize ($1000): Janessa Tam & Hoi Tai Lau

2nd Prize ($500): Tian Lin - check out this spotlight on her research!

3rd Prize ($250): Sumaya Dano

Special mention to all participants for presenting your amazing research.

For photos of the Undergraduate Research Poster Forum 2017,
visit our UTSC Library Facebook page!

2016-2017 Winners:
1st Prize ($1000): Tasneem Ezzy - check out this great article she's featured in!
2nd Prize ($500): Dilakshan Srikanthan, Sumaya Dano, Luke Ajay David, Nimra Javaid, Amanda Yee
3rd Prize Tie ($250): Steven Chang
3rd Prize Tie ($250): Maegan Evelyn Sweeney
3rd Prize Tie ($250): Ayesha Tasneem

2015-2016 Winners:
1st Prize ($1000): Srivathsan Morkonda Gnanasekaran
2nd Prize ($500):  Tania Mahendiran
3rd Prize ($500):   Kevin Ng


    What are the benefits of participating in the UTSC Undergraduate Research Poster Forum?

    The UTSC Undergraduate Research Poster Forum gives students an opportunity to gain experience disseminating research, scholarship, and creative activities to an academic community, share their research experience with peers and develop their presentation skills.  The forum also provides the perfect opportunity for students interested in becoming involved in research to learn more about the accomplishments and research interests of other students.

    All 20 finalists will also receive a Certificate of Participation and will receive a notation on their transcript as part of Co-Curricular Record program.  Cash prizes of $1000, $500 and $250 will be awarded to first, second and third place winners. Winners will be invited to have a digital version of their poster available in TSpace

    What is considered a research or creative project for the purposes of the Research Forum?

    Acceptable research for this poster event can vary widely by discipline. If you're not sure if your research is appropriate for this event, check with your Liaison Librarian.

    How do I write an abstract?

    Your abstract should provide a succint summary of the contents of your paper, including the purpose of your research, methods used, main findings, and conclusions. Please see U of T's page on writing abstracts for additional tips.

    What is a poster, and how do I make one?

    See our Guide to Research Posters. Additional guidelines on poster size and where to print posters will be provided to the 20 finalists.

    Can my poster presentation use visual or digital materials?

    The focus of the judging is your print poster, however it is permissable to use aids or digital materials to supplement your poster presentation.

    What kind of help is available to students who want to participate in the UTSC Undergraduate Research Forum?

    Contact your Liaison Librarian for help with research skills, writing your poster abstract and developing your poster. Any interested applicated are also invited to attend one of our Research Skills and Poster Drop-in sessions date TBD) in the Library Instruction Lab, AC286A.

    Are group assignments or projects eligible?

    Groups or teams may participate in the Research Poster Forum. All group members that contributed to the assignment must be listed and the prize money will be divided equally among all group members.

    What is the best way to present if we have a group of two or three students?

    Only one student may present a poster on behalf of a group of students. 

    May I apply to the UTSC Research Poster Forum if I work at the UTSC Library?


    May I submit multiple submissions for the Forum?

    No. You may only submit one application to the Forum. However, if you are submitting a group poster application, you may also submit an individual application.

    May I submit the same research or creative project to the UTSC and University of Toronto Libraries Undergraduate Research Prize?

    No. UTSC students cannot submit the same assignment to both the UTL Undergraduate Research Prize and the UTSC Undergraduate Research Poster Forum and Prize.

    However, UTSC students may submit the same project to both the UTSC Undergraduate Research Poster Forum and UTSC Undergraduate Research Prize. Please refer to their respective websites for additional information on eligibility and submission criteria for each initiative.

    Who are the judges?

    Submissions to participate in the Research Poster Forum will be judged by a committee composed of UTSC faculty, librarians and staff.

    Judges for the poster forum finalists will be comprised of UTSC faculty and librarians who will evaluate the posters and select the winners based on the criteria listed below.

    How will the posters be judged?

    A panel of judges will evaluate each poster presentation based on students' presentation of their work, based on the following evaluation criteria: Content & Comprehension; Visual Information & Organization; Communication; Engagement; Citations, References, & Context. Students should be prepared to explain their poster to a judge who is not familiar with their field. Please refer to the detailed judging rubric for additional information.

    The person who knows the most about my research is not the course instructor, but a teaching assistant. Must the faculty support letter come from the instructor in charge of the course?

    Yes, the letter must come from the course instructor or faculty supervisor. However, you may also include a second letter from a teaching assistant who you think knows more about your research.

    I am a faculty member and have been asked to provide a letter of support for a student. Are there guidelines?

    Please refer to the faculty letter template

    How many prizes are offered?

    There will be up to three prizes awarded:

       First Place:           $1,000
       Second Place:       $500
       Third Place:          $250

    Are part-time students eligible?

    Yes.  All registered UTSC undergraduate students are eligible to apply.

    What are the important deadlines for the Undergraduate Research Forum?

    February 27, 2018, 8:00am (firm deadline): Submission of proposals online
    March 6, 2018:  Finalists contacted by email
    March 8 or 9, 2018:  Research Skills & Poster Presentation Drop-ins (time and location TBD)
    March 29, 2018, 8:00am:  Final poster submission deadline
    April 5, 2018, 1-3:30pm:  Undergraduate Research Poster Forum

    When are prize winners notified?

    Prize winners will be announced during an awards ceremony during the last hour of the Research Poster Forum.

    Any other questions?

    Please email your Liaison Librarian.