Scarby Scavenger Hunt

Scarby Scavenger Hunt.

Find Scarby, our Library mascot, hiding throughout the library. Each Scarby is holding a clue and, once you’ve found all seven clues, you’ll need to solve the riddle and answer the question. Submit your answer at the front desk for a chance to win a prize! 

We are accepting answers until Sunday, Oct. 1, before 8 P.M., and three winners will be picked at random. 

The order in which you find the clues will not matter, and if a clue is related to a book on the shelves, the clue itself will be on the shelf, not in the book. So don’t worry if the book’s been checked out! 


  1. Find the book “A miscellany of bats” by Melville Fenton in the UTSC Library stacks on the first floor (“stacks” is just a library term for the shelves that our circulating collections sit on). Look for Scarby on the shelves near the book and write down the letter they are holding.
  2. Find the bookable Study Room AC 283. Look for Scarby (who will be visible from outside the room, no need to go inside!) and write down the letter they’re holding. Learn more about booking these study rooms (and the larger study rooms on the other side of the library) here:
  3. Find the book “Understanding Comics” by Scott McCloud on the UTSC Library Course Reservesshelves. If you’d like to read this title you can look at it here in the Course Reserves room or check it out using the self-check machine (though keep in mind that as a book on Course Reserves this book is on short-term loan and so the loan period is 3 hours, not 2 weeks as it would be with material in the regular circulating collection).
  4. Find the printers at the back of the library near the Windows computers. You can log into these desktop computers with your UTORid or use one of the middle seats with power outlets for your own laptop. Look for Scarby near the printers and write down the letter they’re holding. To learn more about student printing on campus visit the Student Printing website here, or ask the IITSC Help Desk staff next door to the Library in AC 200:
  5. Find the UTSC Library Mindfulness Space. Stay outside for now to avoid disturbing anyone who’s using the space to relax and re-charge, and look for Scarby on the signage outside of the room. Write down the letter Scarby is holding. 
  6. Find the UTSC Makerspace. The UTSC Library Makerspace has been designed to turn creative ideas into realities by making the resources to do so available and accessible. They provide access to space equipped with modern technology, such as 3D printers, iMac computers, Adobe programs, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and more. Look in the window of the Makerspace workshop room (at the end of the hallway) to find Scarby and the next clue letter. Later, visit the Makerspace’s “Get Started” page to learn more about accessing the space and its equipment:
  7. Find the UTSC Library Silent Study room on the second floor but Don't Go In! In order to avoid sending lots of scavenger hunters into the Silent Study Room where students are studying in a very quiet environment, Scarby can be found outside the silent study room, holding on to your clue letter at the end of the catwalk down to the right, away from the door to the Silent Study Room.

Have fun!