Stop Motion Film Festival

The UTSC Library is hosting its first annual Stop Motion Film Festival. 

Showcase your creativity and new skills in developing a film short using Stop Motion video techniques. A $75 gift card will be awarded to the top film.

Deadline for submissions is March 1, 2021, 11:59p.m. Please complete the submission entry form.

The viewing and award online event will be March 9 @ 1:00 p.m.

    Film Festival requirements: 

    • Participants must be current UTSC undergraduate/graduate students 
    • Participants can work in groups up to 4 people
    • One submission per student/group 
    • The short film must be no longer than 90 seconds 
    • Submissions must be in MP4 format 
    • Any images and music that are used must be original, royalty-free or participants have permission for their use
    • No theme restriction, but the movie content must be legal, no discrimination and not offensive to others 

    Film festival disclaimers: 

    • Any images, music or text used in this film is original, royalty-free or permission has been obtained for their use.  The University of Toronto is not responsible for any infringing use of material. 
    • Participants retain all ownership of their short film
    • Participants agree to publicly exhibit their short film at the film festival event and in subsequent library promotional material

    The UTSC Library Makerspace will host an introductory "Stop Motion Video" workshop - go to our Events calendar to sign up.

    • Thursday, January 14 @ 12pm
    • Thursday, January 28 @ 12pm
    • Thursday, February 8 @ 12pm
    • Thursday, February 11 @12pm
    • Tuesday, February 23 @ 12pm

    If you have any questions, please contact us at

    Judging rubric:

    Category Excellent (6 points) Good (3 points) Fair (1 point)
    Story There is a clear storyline, concept, or idea evident. May include complex elements or theme.  Storyline is mostly clear, although some scenes may distract the audience.  Storyline is difficult to follow. There are many unrelated scenes in the plotline. The audience is sometimes confused. 
    Props The props are well crafted and visually interesting.  It is evident that time and effort were put into their construction.  Props are well crafted and visually interesting.  Props are not well crafted or visually interesting. 
    Animation Stop motion is very smooth and the objects have fairly natural movement. All frames are in focus and the camera is steady (unless part of the story).  Animation is smooth and there is very little distracting camera movement. Most frames are in focus (unless part of the story). Animation is choppy. Camera movement is unsteady and distracting (unless part of the story). 
    Sound Sound effects and/or music fit well with the animation and makes the animation more interesting.  Sound effects and/or music does not fit as well with the animation as it could.  Sound effects and/or music is distracting and does not fit with the animation. 
    Final product All elements of the film are cohesive to create an entertaining film.  Most aspects of the film work well together to create an entertaining film.  The film lacks cohesion due to poor element execution.