Teaching support

We can help meet your teaching goals and students’ learning needs. At UTSC, Librarians often partner with departments to help with instructional scaffolding and new program development. 

Contact your Liaison Librarian to learn more about the following:

In-class teaching:

Librarians teach students the information skills they will need for your course:

Assignment design consultation:

Librarians work with faculty to design the research components of assignments from A-level to D-level courses.

Custom course research guide:

Librarians create tailored research guides that are directly embeddable into your course’s Quercus site.

Training for Teaching Assistants (TAs): 
Librarians train TAs to support students with research assignments. Sample topics include finding scholarly and non-scholarly resources, evaluating resources, and developing and focusing a topic.

Course readings & reserves
The library can help ensure you are following appropriate copyright guidelines when using and assigning resources for your classes. The library will embed online course readings into the Quercus Library Course Reserves module, including links to online articles and other Internet resources, scanned pages from books, and links to print titles in the catalogue. To request course readings to be posted to Quercus, email the course syllabus to your Liaison Librarian or readinglist-library@utsc.utoronto.ca. The library can also place many items on reserve (short term loan) for your classes, and we can hold films for you so that they will be available on a certain date for you to show in class.

Request an item for purchase: 
Contact your Liaison Librarian or complete the online form to request that the library purchase materials to support your instruction​ (books, films, articles, and more).

Experiential and service learning:

The library hosts and helps design curricular and co-curricular oppourtunities for students, including supporting experiential learning.