UTSC Library Jobs for Students

Student Library Assistant Positions

The UTSC Library User Services unit hires Student Library Assistans each academic semester for part-time casual positions. We do not currently have any jobs open. Please check back regularly.


Work Study Positions

The UTSC Library occasionally posts positions through the University of Toronto's Work-Study Program.

You can view the work study jobs through your Career Centre Online account. To appl see the specific instructions on each job listings:

  • Digital Scholarship Unit Assistant
  • Bioline Assistants
  • Gunda Gunde Assistant
  • Peer Researcher


Student Lab Assistant Positions - Finance & Trading Lab

The UTSC Finance & Trading Lab hires Student Lab Assistants each academic semester for part-time casual positions.  When vacancies occur, positions are generally posted in April and in November.  Please check back regularly for updates.