The UTSC Library is proud to announce the launch of our new Learning Objects Catalogue in celebration of Open Education Week, March 6-10, 2023.

Furthering the library's commitment to Open Education Resources (OER), LEARN is a repository with a mission to collect, catalogue, and preserve a wide range of Learning Objects created at the UTSC Library in order to highlight the pedagogical tools that are being created and share resources with internal partners and external colleagues.

LEARN will allow for the ongoing sharing and repurposing of objects for teaching and learning. You can find videos tutorials and workshop materials on data literacy, data visualization, video editing, audio editing, and many more commonly sought after lessons provided by the UTSC Library.

All of the materials found in LEARN are openly licensed and revised prior to inclusion for accessibility compliance by members of the UTSC Library team. Feel free to reuse them, repurpose them, or remix them. 

Start browsing the collection.

Join us at Open2U March 10th and attend Exploring Open Resources to find out more about LEARN and other open repositories and directories. 

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Image remixed and adapted from: 
Global Open Educational Resources Logo by Jonathasmello, CC BY 3.0 
OER Logo Open Educational Resources by Markus Büsges (leomaria design) für Wikimedia Deutschland e. V., CC BY-SA 4.0