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Find Scarby, our Library mascot, hiding throughout the library. Submit your answer at the front desk for a chance to win a prize.
Introducing the faces behind this year’s U of T Scarborough Library Sophia Hilton Storytelling Fellowship.
From July 25-28 2023, UTSC Library was a proud host and sponsor (with Carnegie Mellon University Libraries and the University of Prince Edward Island’s Robertson Library) of IslandoraCon 2023.
Explore Black Canadian history from 1600s to the present with UTSC Library
Discover the S. J. V. Chelvanayakam fonds at the UTSC Library.
Explore student exhibitions in the Library March 27-April 1.
Announcing the launch of our Learning Objects Catalogue.
Join us for an afternoon with Jesse Wente on March 9th.
Start building your data skillset today!