UTSC Library values

The UTSC Library is proud to be a central physical and virtual space through which all UTSC students, staff, and faculty move. We extend this natural interdisciplinarity through services and spaces that foster collaborations on campus, in the community, and beyond. We take seriously our bond of trust to utilize public and institutional resources for the common good, and operate with responsibility and integrity to uphold the following statements:


  • We provide and promote the broadest possible and most open access to information
  • We prioritize open technologies and standards in our work
  • We provide and promote access to technology and technical infrastructure

Collections & stewardship

  • We develop and steward inclusive and diverse collections that foster knowledge creation for now, and beyond our time
  • We collect and provide access to Scarborough and UTSC-relevant materials in partnership with our communities to preserve their cultural and historical legacies
  • We make collection decisions that consider and ensure long term preservation and access


  • We are an integral part of and accountable to our communities
  • We are collaborative and pursue partnerships
  • We listen to one another, and we treat each other with respect and kindness
  • We strive to make decisions collegially, using expertise and evidence
  • We recognize and support ideas and we promote continuous learning

Diversity, equity & inclusion

  • We seek to make the library accessible for all
  • We work to amplify and support marginalized and underrepresented voices
  • We strive to provide safe, welcoming, and inclusive physical and virtual spaces
  • We respect and embrace the diversity of our staff and the individuals and communities we serve


  • We value innovation and forward thinking in all areas and are committed to a future-facing library
  • We recognize that experimentation, risk-taking, and failure are necessary to effect change

Research & information ethics

  • We believe in developing effective information users, and in fostering critical information literacy skills for life
  • We promote the principles of intellectual freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and the right to privacy
  • We promote critical thinking and the ongoing ethical use of information
  • We believe in evidence-based practice and pedagogy, and support excellence in the research process for the responsible creation of knowledge

Service focus

  • We operate respectfully, strive for transparency, and gather feedback from patrons, staff, and stakeholders
  • We are dedicated to excellent, responsive, user-focused services
  • We are committed to excellence and best practices in all aspects of library service delivery