Ask Scarby

Cartoon drawing of hedgehog holding a pencilI’m Scarby H. Hedgehog, SHHH for short! It took me a while to figure out everything about the library in first year. Now I sneak around through the shelves and books, gathering information for students on all the things that happen in the UTSC Library.

What would you like to know? Ask me, Scarby, and I can find out!

Dear Scarby, Why can't I borrow a book for more than 3 hours? - Time Crunched

Dear Scarby, Will there ever be a place where I can chill out and relax in the library? Sometimes I just need to take a break. - Burnt Out

Dear Scarby, I am a fourth year student at UTSC and I was just wondering how much access alumni have to research materials provided by the U of T Library system? - Graduating Soon, 4th year

Dear Scarby, Help! I have so many assignments this semester and I don’t how to keep on track with them all!  - Buried in Assignments, 3rd year

Dear Scarby, I took out some books but I don't remember when they're due. How can I find out? - Full Bookshelf

Dear Scarby, How do I get to the UTSC Library? Which bus route should I take? Or if I drive can I park near the library?  - Riding or Driving

Dear Scarby, Where is the drop box? - Overloaded Backpack

Dear Scarby, Can you recommend books that are easy to read for someone with English as a second language? - ESL Reader

What do I need to enter the library? Do I need to show my TCard and UCheck? Do I need to book a seat? - UTSC student newbie, second year

Dear Scarby, How do I search for a book? - Searching Student

Dear Scarby, Can I read news articles or newspapers online? - Newshound

Dear Scarby, It's really annoying that people eat smelly food in the library. I thought that wasn't even allowed. - Cool Dude

Dear Scarby, My grades are lower than I hoped. What can I do, and can anyone help me?  - Struggling, 1st year

Dear Scarby, How long can we use the library computers, and do we need to reserve computer time? - Carl, 1st year

Dear Scarby, Working at the library looks like fun! I'd really like to spend time hanging out with you and the librarians, and helping other students find their way around the library. Do you have any openings right now? - Friendly Bookworm, 2nd year

Dear Scarby, Will I ever find love? - Lonely in the Library

Dear Scarby, Where is my water bottle?  - Thirsty, 1st year

Dear Scarby, Does the UTSC Library offer any laser cutting or Cricut makers services? - Maker in the making

Dear Scarby, there are so many great things in the library. I have always wondered, what items in the library are borrowed the most? - Fact Seeker, 4th year

Dear Scarby, Why are people who are loud in the library not kicked out after multiple warnings?  - Chris, 4th year & Sajeev, 2nd year

Dear Scarby, Where can I donate old textbooks? - Generous Soul

Dear Scarby, Can we have more power outlets in the library? - Underpowered

Dear Scarby, I'm not a U of T student, so do I have access to the library? Is it open to the public?  - Community user

Dear Scarby, As an undergrad, how can I get research experience that I can add to my resume? - Aspiring Researcher, 4th year

Dear Scarby, Why are you so cute? - Anonymous Admirer