We partner with you for research, publication, events, classroom instruction, and special exhibits. Learn more about how to build with the library. 

Knowledge Synthesis Studies

Eligible research teams do not incur costs as a result of collaborating with librarians for these studies.


The BRIDGE connects the best academic theory with creative applications and aspiring minds. 

Reading Lists

Collaborate with the U of T Scarborough Library to create a curated list of resources on particular subjects or for events.

Digital Scholarship

Partnering with you for digital scholarship in the areas of data, the digital humanities, digital collections building, digital preservation, and scholarly communications. View recent projects and our digital collections.

The Makerspace

The UTSC Library Makerspace has been designed to turn creative ideas into realities, by making the resources to do so available and accessible.


Special areas of the Library can be used to display special exhibits. Contact your liaison librarian with opportunities for collaboration on exhibits.