Find your Liaison Librarian

The U of T Scarborough Library has liaison librarians dedicated to assist students, staff and faculty in each academic department and subject area. Your liaison librarian is a gateway to the resources, services, and partnerships available across the UTL system and beyond. Contact your liaison about:

  • In-class teaching
  • Research consultations for students
  • Research consultations for faculty
  • Custom course research guides
  • Course readings & reserves
  • Collection requests and suggestions
  • Assignment design consultation
  • Training for Teaching Assistants
  • Digital storytelling & scholarship
  • Experiential and service learning
  • Questions or suggestions about library and information technology services

Liaison Librarians also often partner with departments to help with instructional scaffolding and new program development.

Sarah Guay

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Kathryn Barrett

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Paulina Rousseau

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K-Lee Fraser

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Sarah Shujah

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Nicole Slattery

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Sarah Fedko

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Chad Crichton

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Elizabeth O'Brien

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Whitney Kemble

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Mariana Jardim

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