Library Society Ambassadors

Library Society Ambassadors get involved with the library and have fun doing it! Ambassadors are volunteers who receive co-curricular credit for taking part in activities that promote the library. This opportunity is available for 6-8 U of T Scarborough Students.

Program Goals

  • Create opportunities for students to contribute ideas to their library and engage in fun activities
  • Plan and hold events to bring students into the library for reasons other than to study
  • Increase library staff awareness of student needs, interests, and opinions
  • Promote the library as a U of T Scarborough community hub.


Library Society Ambassadors are selected annually in the fall, and meet with Library Staff no more than twice a term (4 meetings total).


While Ambassadors are free and encouraged to suggest new ideas for events, possible event types include:

  • Book club or article club: reading and discussion, open to all students
  • Colouring event: one-time or recurring event for fun
  • Game night (board games or video games)
  • Human library: appointments with interesting people
  • Therapy dog visit: prior to or during exam period
  • Unstudy spots: de-stress breaks during exams
  • Writing club: for students of any gender
  • Blind date with a book: check out a mystery wrapped book tied to a theme
  • Long night against procrastination

How to Apply

If you are interested, please fill out this webform and tell us why you'd be a great fit!

Fall Deadline:  All positions for academic year 2023-24 have been filled.


Here is what some Ambassadors had to say about their experience last year:

Being a library ambassador was a blast -- I got the chance to meet some really fun people and have made friendships that will last a lifetime. Planning and helping out with events got me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to develop my leadershop and teamwork skills a lot more. Being part of the "Ask Scarby" team was such a unique experience and is definitely one of the greatest highlights of my university career!

Being a library society ambassador, it is never just something I can put on the resume and CCR records. I was able to learn a lot of interpersonal skills which benefits me the most. Plus, we have many cool members and great ideas.