Pride Month

For Pride Month, UTSC Library presents this selection of materials about a variety of people, places, times, and topics. Some are available at UTSC Library, some online, and some at other U of T libraries. We encourage you to search our library to find more resources on topics of interest. 

the Progress Pride Flag





Out North: An archive of queer activism and kinship in Canada (Jennex and Eswaran, 2020) 

Never Going Back: A history of queer activism in Canada (Warner, 2020) 

Queer Mobilizations: Social movement activism and Canadian public policy (Tremblay, 2015) 

Trans Activism in Canada: A reader (Irving and Raj, 2014) 

Under the rainbow: A primer on queer issues in Canada (Auger and Krug, 2013) 

Queerly Canadian: An introductory reader in sexuality studies (FitzGerald and Rayter, 2012) 

The Body Politic - journal (Toronto, 1971-87) 

Gay Times - journal (Montreal, 1975-76) 

Gay Tide - journal (Vancouver, 1973-80) 

Indigenous Pride 

Urban Indigenous Youth Reframing Two-Spirit (Laing, 2021) 

Fire Song (Jones, 2018) 

A Two-Spirit Journey: The autobiography of a lesbian Ojibwa-Cree elder (Chacaby, 2016) 

Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things - film (Woods and Yerxa, 2016) 

Challenging Settler Colonialism in Contemporary Queer Politics: Settler Homonationalism, Pride Toronto, and Two-Spirit Subjectivities - article (Greensmith, Giwa, and Wolfe, 2013) 

Queer Indigenous Studies: Critical interventions in theory, politics, and literature (Driskill, Finley, Gilley, and Morgensen, 2011) 

Sovereign Erotics: A collection of two-spirit literature (Driskill, Justice, Miranda, and Tatonetti, 2011) 

Becoming Two-Spirit: Gay identity and social acceptance in Indian country (Gilley, 2006) 

Two-Spirit People: Native American gender identity, sexuality, and spirituality (Jacobs, Thomas, and Lang, 1997) 

LGBTQ+ Stories 

Uncomfortable Labels: My life as a gay autistic trans woman (Dale, 2019) 

Trans love: An anthology of transgender and non-binary voices (Benson, 2019) 

To Survive on This Shore: Photographs and interviews with transgender and gender nonconforming older adults (Dugan and Fabbre, 2019) 

She Called Me Woman: Nigeria's queer women speak (Mohammed, Nagarajan, and Aliyu, 2018) 

Trans/Portraits: Voices from transgender communities (Shultz, 2015) 

Living out Islam: Voices of gay, lesbian, and transgender Muslims (Kugle, 2014) 

For Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Still Not Enough: Coming of age, coming out, and coming home (Boykin, 2012) 

The Men with the Pink Triangle: The true, life-and-death story of homosexuals in the Nazi death camps (Heger, 2010) 

Restoried Selves: Autobiographies of queer Asian/Pacific American activists (Kumashiro, 2004) 

Balancing Act: South African gay & lesbian youth speak out (Bloch and Martin, 2005) 

Identities & Experiences

Feminist and LGBTI+ Activism across Russia, Scandinavia and Turkey: Transnationalizing spaces of resistance (Cagatay, Liinason, and Sasunkevich, 2022) 

Bi: Bisexual, Pansexual, Fluid, and Nonbinary Youth (Savin-Williams, 2021) 

Gay Bar: Why we went out (Lin, 2021) 

Bisexual and Pansexual Identities: Exploring and challenging invisibility and invalidation (Hayfield, 2020) 

Expanding the Rainbow: Exploring the relationships of bi+, polyamorous, kinky, ace, intersex, and trans people (Simula, Sumerau, and Miller, 2019) 

Gender diversity and LGBTQ inclusion in K-12 schools: A guide to supporting students, changing lives (Chappell, Richardson, and Ketchum, 2018) 

Queer in Africa: LGBTQI identities, citizenship, and activism (Reddy, Monro, and Matebeni, 2018) 

The Remedy: Queer and trans voices on health and health care (Sharman, 2016) 

Asexualities: Feminist and queer perspectives (Cerankowski and Milks, 2014) 

Queer Media Images: LGBT perspectives (Carilli and Campbell, 2013) 

Exile & Pride: Disability, queerness & liberation (Clare, 2009) 

Before Stonewall: Activists for gay and lesbian rights in historical context (Bullough, 2002) 


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