Emergency procedures

Power outages

  • The front doors of the library will be closed when the power goes out to prevent additional people entering the library
  • Library services will not be available
  • Patrons in poorly lit areas should collect their belongings and move to an area with natural or emergency lighting
  • The library will remain open for 30 minutes after sunset. If power does not resume in 30 minutes, the library will be evacuated. Please follow staff instructions
  • Staff will remain in the library and re-open when electrical service is restored

Fire alarm

  • The library will be evacuated whenever a fire alarm sounds in the Academic Resource Centre (ARC)
  • Library users will collect their belongings and exit through the front doors of the library continuing out of the ARC building, unless otherwise directed by library staff
  • When the alarm stops ringing, the library will remain closed until an “all clear” message is received from an authorized person (community police, building patroller, fire department)

Severe weather

  • The library will remain open when classes are cancelled. Some reduction in service may occur
  • When the campus is closed, the library will also close

Check the UTSC Severe Weather Guidelines for more information.