Quiet library policy

All library spaces are designated quiet zones during COVID-19 restrictions. Please visit the library updates page for details.  

Submit a Noise & Distancing Report to Library Staff

In response to numerous requests for quiet study space and recognizing that different noise levels are suitable for different activities, the library has implemented the following policies.

The Library is divided into three quiet zones:

Icons for the UTSC Silent Study Rooms, Quiet Study, Group Study Rooms


Two rooms for silent study are available: AC313 and AC338

  • No conversation
  • Cell phone turned off
  • Electronics permitted
  • Earphones must be used when listening to electronic devices


The entire library is intended for quiet study with the exception of the silent study rooms and group study rooms. The Reading Room (by the library's main entrance) and the Cities Lab (AC 260) are also quiet study zones.

  • Whispered conversation is permitted
  • Cell phone on vibrate
  • Electronics permitted
  • Earphones  must be used when listening to electronic devices


  • Group conversation and collaboration
  • Cell phone on vibrate
  • Electronics permitted

Please be considerate of your fellow patrons. You are invited to report noise disturbances to library staff who will follow up on your behalf.

Despite our best efforts, some patrons may find the library noisier than they would like. 



  • Library staff will politely inform noisy patrons of the library’s quiet policy and enforcement measures. 
  • The Library will enforce quiet in the library on a “three strikes” basis, where three warnings will be considered the MAXIMUM (not minimum) number of warnings prior to further action being taken.  Library staff will ask the patron(s) in question to please keep the volume down no more than two times, and map record staff/student numbers upon giving a second warning. The third intervention will be by a staff member asking the patron(s) in question to please leave the library. If patrons refuse to leave Campus Police will be called.
  • Patrons who are asked to leave the library on more than one occasion may be subject to a suspension of their library privileges for up to 24 hours.