UTSC Virtual (Zoom) Backgrounds

Missing your favourite UTSC study spots and work spaces? Now you can be there digitally with virtual backgrounds selected from the UTSC Library's UTSC Archives Legacy Collection and the UTSC Photographic Services Collection

The Zoom virtual background feature allows you to display an image as your background during a Zoom meeting. Download any of the images using the links provided to use as a Zoom background.

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UTSC Library Stacks

Download UTSC Library stacks

UTSC Library Study Carrels

Download UTSC Library study carrels

UTSC Library Reading Room

Download UTSC Library Reading Room

UTSC Library Reading Room with Raptor

Download UTSC Library Reading Room with raptor

UTSC Library Mindfulness Space

Download UTSC Library Mindfulness Space

The BRIDGE Library

Download The BRIDGE Library

If you're looking for a blast from the past, why not go back in time and visit the UTSC Bladen Library!

UTSC Bladen Library

Download UTSC Bladen Library

Looking for U of T Libraries study spots and work spaces at the St George Campus? Check out the UofT Libraries Zoom backgrounds.



Cherry Blossoms on the U of T Scarborough campus with a park bench

Download UTSC Cherry Blossoms and Reading Bench 2021


UTSC Cherry Blossoms 2021

Download UTSC Cherry Blossoms 2021

UTSC Valley Land Trail

Download UTSC Valley Land Trail

UTSC Cherry Blossoms

Download UTSC cherry blossoms

UTSC landscaping, south side of campus

Download UTSC landscaping, south side of campus

UTSC Humanities Building smoke stacks

Download UTSC Humanities Building smoke stacks

Want to know more about UTSC Archives Legacy collection and the UTSC Photographic Services fonds? Check out the Library's Archives & Special Collections.