Copy, print, scan


Library photocopiers are located on the main floor of the library near the front entrance next to the Reading Room.

  • Black & White: $0.05 per side
  • Colour: $0.25 per side

Payment is by TCard only.  Load money on your TCard 



Users can scan to a USB memory stick. Email is not available.

No charge for scanning.



There are 4 black and white print stations in the library. One library photocopier is enabled to print colour jobs.

Print stations are operated and maintained by Information & Instructional Technology Services.

  • Black & White: $0.10 per page, single or double-sided
  • Colour: $0.25 per side

Payment by TCard only.  Load money on your TCard 


Print Directly from Mobile Devices

Students can now send print jobs from their mobile devices to the printers in the UTSC Library and computer labs. 

Additional services available at: