Old exams repository

This collection of final exams is currently not comprehensive or complete and does not contain exams after 2017. Old exams should be used as study aids only by students and may not reflect changes in course content from year to year. 

A special thanks to the Dean's Office, faculty and the SCSU for their support in making old exams available to students. 

Accessing the Old Exams Repository

Current University of Toronto students, staff and faculty can access the Old Exams Repository via the my.access login screen using either a valid UTORid and password or library card barcode and pin.

Finding Exams in the Old Exams Repository

Students can search or browse for exams in the Old Exams Repository by course code or department.

Using the search box:  Either enter the first 7 digits of the course code (i.e.CHMA10H)  or use an asterisk to view multiple course codes beginning with the same letter (i.e. CHM*).

Browsing exams by department: Jump to the letter 'U' or enter the prefix 'UTSC' in front of the department name in order to view exams in the U of T Scarborough collection.