1st Place:

Oviya Muralidharan - E-Survey of Stressors and Protective Factors in Practicing Medical Assistance in Dying

2nd Place (tie): 

Gloria Umogbai - Black Don't Crack? The Amplification of Racism and Ageism on Black Aging Bodies 

Ruolin Wu - The More the Better? Examining the Relation between Strategy Repertoire and Goal Attainment

3rd Place: 

Aqsa Zahid - Stigma Associated with Schizophrenia: The importance of diagnostic label vs. negative symptom presentation


1st Place: Nayaab Punjani - Bioengineered SMaRT Human Neural Stem Cells for Scar Degradation and Functional Recovery in a Chronic Spinal Cord Injury Model

2nd Place: Srisudhakar Nowduri - Bacteria are Picky Homeowners

3rd Place: Ali Javeed - The Virtuous Side of the Escalator: Political Orientation and the Moralization of Public Social Norms


1st Place: Nazia Mohsin - Phonetic Symbolism in Urdu

2nd Place: Shenhab Zaig - Mechanisms of opioid-induced respiratory depression and analgesia in zebrafish

3rd Place: Dilakshan Srikanthan - Elucidating the Efficacy of Intrathecal Delivery of CAR-T immunotherapy in preclinical models of Medulloblastoma


1st Place: Janessa Tam & Hoi Tai Lau- Processing Digraphic Text (Cantonese-English) in Social Media Settings

2nd Place: Community Forestry Approach to Climate Change Adaptation: Example from the Dry Zone of Myanmar 

3rd Place: Social Support and Illness Perception: How Social Support is associated with perceived Symptom Burden in Patients on Maintenance Dialysis


1st Place: Tasneem Ezzy - Factors Involved in Replication-Mediated Instability of Disease Associated Repeats

2nd Place: Dilakshan Srikanthan, Sumaya Dano, Luke Ajay David, Nimra Javaid, and Amanda Yee - Effects of cohabiting offspring on fitness of female western black widow spiders

3rd Place (3 way tie): Ayesha Tasneem - Morphological development of basket cells in the murine cerebellar cortex; Steven Chang - Total and Methylmercury in Created Wetlands of Rouge Valley National Urban Park; Maegan Evelyn Sweeney - Structural modulation of tris porphyrin molecules for electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide


1st Prize: Srivathsan Morkonda Gnanasekaran - Migration of Moonlets in Saturn's Rings

2nd Prize: Tania Mahendiran - Investigating Interactions between Mood & Global & Local scene processing

3rd Prize: Kevin Ng - Urban Hydrology of the Mimico Creek Watershed


Special mention and thanks to all the finalists for sharing their research with the UTSC Community.