UTSC Undergraduate Research & Creative Forum

The UTSC Library and the Office of the Vice-Principal Research and Innovation are proud sponsors of the Undergraduate Research & Creative Forum (URCF). The URCF is a competitive, adjudicated event that provides an opportunity for talented University of Toronto Scarborough undergraduate students to display their scholarly and creative activities to a faculty, student and community audience, while competing for cash prizes.  

The Forum enables students to develop presentation skills. It is organized as an in-person poster and project presentation event held during a single afternoon. Due to the pandemic, the URCF will likely occur in a hybrid in-person and online format this year. Final details will be communicated in Winter 2022. 


All UTSC undergraduate students from any major and all academic levels of study are eligible to present their work in one of two presentation streams: 

  • Creative Project 
  • Research Project  

This Forum is ideal for all students completing capstone projects, independent research or creative projects, or other faculty mentored scholarly activities where there are at least preliminary findings to report. Student presentations may include material that has been or will be presented elsewhere, however, students cannot re-submit the same project as in previous years unless there are significant changes or advancements in the final product.  

All students must have faculty support to publicly present their research or creative project in a juried setting. 

Undergraduate research and creative activities must have been pursued during the Summer 2021, Fall 2021, or Winter 2022 semesters. 


The Forum focuses on knowledge translation, which refers to the translation of research findings into knowledge available to others beyond academia. In the context of a creative project this will involve the student describing their creative process to the audience in order to give the audience insights into the work of creative professionals. Information must be presented in accessible, non-technical, non-specialist language that can be understood by a layperson or non-specialist as well as by the expert. One main objective is to make the project understandable without trivializing or over-simplifying it. 

Application Process

  • Submit your work to one of the two presentation streams: 
    • Creative Project  
    • Research Project 
  • Complete the submission proposal form by the February 17, 2022 deadline.  
    • Abstracts and creative statements cannot exceed 300 words. Refer to the FAQs for additional guidance on what to include in the abstract and creative statement.  
  • Ask your faculty supervisor / instructor to complete the faculty support form in order to be eligible. 

Successful applicants will be contacted by March 1, 2022 and will be asked to review a mandatory asynchronous presentation skills and poster workshop. 

The finalists will then be expected to create a digital research poster or creative display by March 28, 2022. 

The Forum

We are hoping to once again host an in-person component for this exciting event.  The 2022 Forum will have an in-person and a virtual component, dependent on public health guidelines, that will showcase the scholarship and creative activities of UTSC undergraduate students. (Final format will be communicated in early 2022). 

The live hybrid format will allow for a robust and interactive presentation of student projects.  

Each finalist will display one digital research poster or creative display and will present a summation of their work in a 3-5 minute presentation to the audience. There will be time for a brief Q&A (3-5 minutes) after each presentation. 

A panel of judges from a variety of fields will evaluate each poster, display and presentation based a pre-determined rubric (to be shared in Winter 2022). 

Awards & Recognition

The winning entries for each stream (creative and research) will each receive a cash award in the amount of $1000. Honourable mentions may be awarded. 

Finalists’ posters and presentations will be posted to the UTSC Library website, with the invitation to have a digital version of their work permanently archived in TSpace.  

All finalists will receive a certificate of participation and will receive a notation on their transcript as part of Co-Curricular Record program.   

Important Dates

Proposal deadline: February 17, 2022 at 11:59pm EST - midnight (firm deadline) 

Finalists contacted: March 1, 2022  

Finalists confirm participation and review of asynchronous resources: March 8, 2022 

Final submission deadline: March 28, 2022 11:59pm EST midnight 

Event Day: April 5, 2022 (time and additional details to come) 

Winners announced: mid-April 2022 via email, the UTSC Library Website and social media channels.  

Students are also encouraged to work with their liaison librarians to ensure that they gain the skills needed to excel in this competition as well as through their education. 

More information

Contact your liaison librarian or review our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have a disability/health consideration that may require accommodations, please advise Nina Adamo or the AccessAbility Services Office before the submission deadline.