The Library is undergoing a massive renovations project

Updated July 26, 2021. Please visit this page regularly for UTSC Library renovation project updates.

The U of T Scarborough Library is excited to be undergoing renovations to provide improved spaces and resources for our UTSC Community. If visiting campus this fall, get ready! Renovations ramp up this September 2021 and will be completed in five stages until 2024. 

Key Changes 

  • More outlets!
  • Increased single space study rooms  
  • State-of-the-art group study rooms  
  • Flexible student seating  
  • Additional soft seating  
  • Easier access to your librarians  

What is Moving? 

Timeline / Phases 


  • Phase 1 – Level 1 & 2 books and materials stacks move to Highland Hall  (2020-2021) 
  • Phase 2 – Level 1 enhanced students' areas on Level 1 (September 2021) 

2022 - 2023

  • Phase 3 – Staff space on Level 1 (June 2022) 
  • Phase 4 – Level 2 student space improvements 

2023 -2024

  • Phase 5 – Renovations to the Archives & Special Collections Reading Room (TBA) 

Please excuse the noise while improvements are being made. We are trying to keep the loudest portions of the construction for non-peak hours. Should there be noises interrupting your time at the library, feel free to get earplugs at the library front desk at no cost.

For more on available library spaces, please visit the library front desk or our location and maps page.

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Have questions? Call 416-287-7500 or visit the library front desk.