Podcast Room

Image of Podcasting equipment

Record your podcast in AC 252A using our equipment. The space features an audio mixer, microphones and headphones to help you create your own podcast, voice-over project or even live-streaming event. 

To use this space, you must complete the "Makerspace Orientation" interactive video ahead of your booking. Visit the UTSC Library Makerspace's Get Started page for access to the video.

No food is permitted (water bottles or beverages with lids are acceptable). Please note that the space is not sound-proof.

There are 2 bookings available:

  • 9am – 2pm
  • 3pm – 8pm

If you need longer time, book from 3pm – 8pm and you can stay until 15 minutes before the library closes. You cannot book both time slots on the same day. You must book through MS Bookings.

The podcast room operates on a self-service basis. A User Guide is available in the room, and you can also watch the "Record a Podcast" interactive video below to learn how to use the equipment.