Library Tutorials

An overview of academic integrity and resources to help avoid academic misconduct in your writing. (Quercus Modules)

Break down your project/assignment into manageable steps and suggested deadlines. (Web Page)

How to use Boolean Operators AND, OR, NOT. (Infographic)

How to use Boolean Modifiers such as phrase searching, truncation, and wildcards. (Video - 2:33)

How to use Boolean Operators AND, OR, NOT. (Video - 2:27)

How to select keywords to begin research on your topic. (Video - 2:15)

icons for popular citation management software

Learn about citation management and compare popular types of software. (Guide)

Use citation mining to find additional resources for your research. (Video - 2:50)

Online tutorials, style guides, and related documents to help with citation. (Guide)

Compares the pros and cons of three popular search tools. (Infographic)

Tips on how to access library databases to support your research. (Video - 4:01)

Tips for evaluating resources using RADAR. (Video - 2:42)

Find what you want in LibrarySearch faster and easier with these tips. (Video - 1:26)

Provides key steps to focus your research topic. (Video - 4:31)

file folders on shelf

An overview of grey literature and how to find it. (Guide)

Learn tips to improve your search results. (Video - 3:33)

Learn about what journal articles are and how they are used. (Video - 1:31)

A series of six modules introducing students to foundational library skills. Includes a CCR edition. (Quercus Page)

stack of books

An overview of primary sources and how to find them. (Guide)

How to differentiate between primary and secondary sources in the sciences. (Infographic)

Learn how to identify scholarly books. (Video - 2:40)

Compares differences between scholarly and popular articles. (Infographic)

Tips for distinguishing between popular vs. scholarly sources. (Video - 2:06)

Discover how to search the University of Toronto Libraries' website. (Video - 1:17)

step-by-step searching screenshot

Five steps for locating research on your topic. (Infographic)