UTSC Undergraduate Research & Creative Prize

The UTSC Undergraduate Research & Creative Prize honours UTSC students who have excelled in research, scholarship and creative activities in the classroom and beyond. This prize recognizes the research and creative activities of undergraduate students, their overall contribution to the University of Toronto Scarborough, and illustrates the role of the library in their creative and research processes. 

The project may take many forms such as a traditional paper, 2D or 3D works, a database, a website, digital project or creative project in its many manifestations, including projects that demonstrate a student's artistic expression such as painting, photography, poetry or a play.

The UTSC Undergraduate Research & Creative Prize is a financial prize sponsored jointly by the UTSC Library and UTSC Office of the Vice-Principal Research and Innovation. It is open to all students who are currently registered in a UTSC undergraduate degree program and have completed their first year of study.  

Prize winning projects and/or recipients will be featured on the UTSC Library website and OVPRI website and invited to be archived on TSpace

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The prize is open to all undergraduate students who meet the following criteria: 

  • currently enrolled at UTSC; 
  • completed their first year of study; 
  • student is principal investigator or primary creator; 
  • individual or group research projects completed within the previous year (Spring 2023/Summer 2023, Fall 2023 or Winter 2024) 
  • participated in meaningful engagement with UTSC library resources and/or librarians (see below for template) 

Students cannot submit the same project as last year unless there are significant changes or advancements in the final outcome.  

Students may submit the same project to both the UTSC Undergraduate Research & Creative Forum and UTSC Undergraduate Research & Creative Prize, however, they cannot simply submit a poster or creative display created for the Forum. 


The prizes(s) will be awarded primarily on the basis of the quality of the research or creative project and the illustration of the use of scholarly resources in the research process. The detailed judging rubric and additional information to follow. 

The Judging Committee shall consist of UTSC faculty members and representatives from the Office of the Vice-Principal Research and Innovation. 

How to Apply

Please use the attached coversheet/checklist to help ensure that all the application components are included (in the correct order). Application for the UTSC Undergraduate Research Prize will be made by the undergraduate student and will consist of the following in a single PDF package in this order. 

  • Personal data (1 page) 
    • Full name 
    • UTSC department 
    • Current program 
    • Year of study 
    • Identify if you are applying for the Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, or Creative award 
  • Description of research or creative project using clear, non-specialist language. Include also the wider implications of the project. (2 pages) 
  • The applicant’s engagement in the research or creative process (1 page – see template – research strategy /creative process, includes sources/databases/guides/software used and why those resources were chosen, any dates/names of library research workshop, did you set up any consultation(s) with the library, if yes, with who? How this was helpful to you, what they learned) 
  • A signed reference letter on departmental letterhead from a U of T Scarborough faculty member or course instructor regarding the student's engagement in the research or creative process 
  • A copy of the submitted research assignment (e.g. paper, website, presentation) or creative project (e.g., zine, play, painting, photography). If the research assignment cannot be submitted in an electronic format (e.g. a video, music performance, artwork) please email researchoffice.utsc@utoronto.ca for assistance. 

Applications must be submitted electronically as a single PDF file in the correct order to researchoffice.utsc@utoronto.ca.  


Up to 4 cash prizes of $1000 will be given out annually, one each for projects in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, and Creative categories. The judges evaluate the projects on their quality and reserve the right to award prizes in one, two, or all three of these categories.

Important Dates

  • Application deadline: April 15, 2024 at 12:00pm EDT (noon)
  • Winners announced and Prizes Awarded: Summer 2024

More information

Contact your liaison librarian or review our Frequently Asked Questions.